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      1. Taizhou Huangyan Yongmao Mould Co., Ltd Corporate informationCertification

        plastic pipe fitting moulds for PVC water supply, drainage systems, roof drai...

        78 Years
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        Taizhou Huangyan Yongmao Mould Co., Ltd. is a professional company in China, which specialized in design and manufacturing plastic pipe fitting moulds for PVC water supply, drainage systems, roof drainage, plastic valves, PPR, PE electric fusion fittings, PP, ABS, PA fittings and other plastic injection moulds. We can manufacture around 1,000sets mould including small and big size per year. Our moulds have been widely applied in the 30 provinces and exported to the countries and regions of South Korea, Russia, South America, Turkey, the Middle-East Area, etc. We turn over US$2,500,000-US$4,000,000 per year. Our company adopt UG/CAD advanced technique and CNC machining equipment. At the present, there are about 70 staffs in company, most of our engineers who have worked more than 10 years. With the help of advanced equipment and rich experience, our company is capable of research and making large size (630mm) fitting moulds and advanced collapsible core system moulds for small size (... [Detailed]
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        PVC Tee 110mm


        Non Return Valve


        PPR mould


        PE Fitting mould


        U-PVC fitting


        PPR fitting  mould


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